The Service Barn began its life as a carriage barn for a large private estate, became a storage building for Drumlin Farm, and, with the addition of a passive solar, south-facing wall providing the necessary heat, a structure for drying and preserving produce as well. In 2013 the staff of Massachusetts Audubon Society wanted to modify the Service Barn again to include two classrooms for their growing educational program.

The site is extraordinary:  sitting on the edge of a rock face, overlooking two ponds and meadows ringed by woods; the existing house was mold speckled and dated. The new house sits on the foundation of the former, minimizing the disturbance of the site but taking greater advantage of the views, both to the ponds below and the trees above.​

The house utilizes traditional building materials – stone, shingles and a metal roof – in a modern composition to create a timeless home and a house that is truly of its site and nature.

The walk street section of Venice, California is an intimately-scaled, pedestrian neighbor-hood where houses face a quiet public side-walk and vehicular traffic is limited to an ally in the rear. The area was developed over 90 years ago with small bungalows that, unfor-tunately, were not built to a particularly high standard. The new owners face a difficult dilemma: to live within a very small house or demolish and build a larger home consistent with today’s seismic, building and energy standards.

Deer Valley YMCA Family Camp is a beloved summer camp operated by the Pittsburgh YMCA which draws a large contingent of the same families year after year.  Older campers, having returned for decades to the same cabin, are now looking for a camping experience that offers senior-oriented amenities and sense of community within the larger camp.

The Lakeview lodge addresses that need.  The 10 rooms use the same materials and features as individual cabins but are clustered around a common room and a covered deck for socialized and participating in the passing camp scene. 

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