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Why Build?


Indeed. Why go through the disruption of convening committees, resolving internal conflicts, interacting with government agencies and acquiescing to financing sources? Why not just “make do” in one way or another?

There are many reasonable answers to this question. “We need a new building; our current one is too small (or outdated or too expensive to maintain).” “Our current building no longer fits with our programs.” “We need an iconic building that represents who we are.” “We want a building that will put us on the map.”

One of the wonderful things about architecture is it can, and often does, achieve these goals.

But what is the most compelling motivation to initiate a building project? “To make our organization more effective.” It is this goal that underpins all the other reasons that are so commonly cited. And it is this goal that should be used as the final criteria when evaluating the appropriateness of an entire project or a small detail. Will it result in our organization being more effective, financially stronger, better able to reach a larger audience, and truer to our mission?

One builds to become more vital and effective; it makes all the uncertainties and disruptions worth it.

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