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Karmê Chöling Meditation Pavilion
Barnet, Vermont


Karmê-Chöling is a Shambhala Buddhist retreat and study center on a 600-acre farm in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. A lack of year round meditation spaces has prevented the center from serving a broader public. Black River Architect’s challenge was to turn a dilapidated 100-year old dairy barn on the verge of collapse into an asset.


While awkwardly located, the community was very attached to the venerable quality of the barn’s materials and post and beam frame. The most cost-effective solution was to relocate the barn 600 feet to a peaceful site with sublime views. The old barn boards were carefully removed and reused as interior finish to maintain the original interior appearance. A radiant heating system directly warms those meditating and effectively doubles the months when the former barn can be used.


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